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Lindsay Saker Mooistreet 2014 - advert

Project brief:

Lindsay Saker Mooi Street wanted an advert that showcased their latest in-house branch promotions and specials.


Lindsay Saker Mooi Street


iTV Networks


Klockwork Animation

Our work on the project:

We created a modular template that utilized animated 3D text and rigged 2D car graphics. The template allowed for easy 'drag and drop' replacement of car graphics and text changes.


The modular format facilitated a quick turn around time for each update to future adverts. 


Video footage & voice over by iTV Networks.

Graphics, Motion graphics & animation by Klockwork Animation.


The VW logo & all other elements related to VW are & remain the property of the Volkswagen Group and Lindsay Saker Mooi street.


Audio: Voice over - Brandon Liebenberg

Artist: N/A

Album: N/A

Writers: Brandon Liebenberg

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