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Nyum Nyum Cookies - Product Animation

Project brief:

Baron Biscuits released a new line of biscuits. They wanted an animation that would showcase each type of biscuit in the new line.


Baron Biscuits


Levle 13 Studios


Klockwork Animation

Our work on the project:

We created a model of the Oreo style biscuit and a proof on concept product animation and product shot render. We also created a turn around animation of the Oreo style biscuit that would be used on the Baron Biscuits website. 

Baron Biscuits Homepage Header.jpg


Graphics, Product renders, Motion graphics & animation by Klockwork Animation.


The Baron Biscuit and Nyum Nyum Cookies logos are and remain the property of Baron Biscuits.


Audio: N/A

Artist: N/A

Album: N/A

Writers: Brandon Liebenberg

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