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Cat in the Hat - Boomerang Ident

Project brief:

Boomerang was updating the idents for the channel. They wanted a series of similar idents and Push-ins that would replace the existing ones. 


Level 13 Studios for Boomerang/Cartoon Networks 


Level 13 Studios


Klockwork Animation

Our work on the project:

We created a minimalist template that could easily change the animation from one kind to another kind. The template contained animations that could be dragged and dropped to replace any existing animation.  


Graphics, Motion graphics & animation by Klockwork Animation.


The Boomerang logo & all other elements related to Boomerang are & remain the property of Warner Bros. Entertainment.


The Cat in the Hat logo & all other elements related to The Cat in the Hat are & remain the property of Dr. Seuss & Cat in the Hat Productions.


Music: Song - Brain Trust

Song writers: Wayne Jones

Artist: Wayne Jones Music

Album: N/A

Voice over: Brandon Liebenberg

Voice over writers: Brandon Liebenberg

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