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Side Steppin' in the 80's - Title Sequence

Project brief:

Level 13 was pitching an 80's documentary about breakdancing and Hip Hop to Netflix. The title had to be 80's themed with a character dancing. 


Level 13 Studios


Level 13 Studios


Klockwork Animation

Our work on the project:

We created a title sequence that combined 3D motion capture animation with 2D logo elements. The colour palette consisted of Neon Yellow's, Pink's & Blue's, similar to the colour palettes of the Miami Vice and Night Rider era of the 80's. 


Graphics, Motion graphics & animation by Klockwork Animation.


The Side Steppin' in the 80's logo and other elements related to Side Steppin' in the 80's is and remains the property of Level 13 Studios.


Audio: N/A

Artist: N/A

Album: N/A

Writers: Brandon Liebenberg

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